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new! Eserv 2 - Insert new user impossible Hello, We are experiencing some problems with Eserv, when we try to create a new user. When we first add a user it works. But if we save the modification and then try to add another user. We get t...AGF805.07.2016 23:221 Кб7188imported
new! Переезд завершен Все сообщения старее этого были автоматически перенесены из старого форума (из PhpBB в E4). Если заметите неправильное отображение каких-то сообщений или еще какие-либо странности - пожалуйста пишите...admin012.10.2009 01:211 Кб7386wikipost
new! eserv 2.99 webmail does not show mail in mailbox I tried many ways to configure eserv 2.99 webmail but cannot get it to work. When I click on webmail and login, only three buttons show (delete, compose, change password). The mail in the mailbox d...charlie630.10.2006 19:291 Кб7542imported
new! Lost License Who do I contact to request a new License file ? The web site support pages do not seem to be working and I cannot find a contacts page. I purcahsed Eserv2 quite awhile ago and last week end our ...wayne_121.05.2006 23:241 Кб3516imported
new! Setting up the proxy with port forwarding I am just using the socks5 proxy. I also need to use UDP mapping..for something (is it obvious I have no idea what I'm doing?) Ok, all the settings/ports are set to their default. I need to fin...JTG2003030.09.2005 03:211 Кб8678imported
new! Can I block some ip address with eserv2? Sometimes, I need block ip addess, can I do it with eserv2? ...livelybear130.12.2004 13:281 Кб2417imported
new! How to block spam? Hi, I am using Eserv 2.99 now, and I want to know how to block spam according their email address , domain name, subject even content? Thanks a lot in advance. ...livelybear430.12.2004 06:081 Кб3242imported
new! AntiVirus filter for the proxy server :?: Is there an antivirus plugin or software that will filter the packets/data stream coming through the eserv proxy server? I would like to prevent a virus from entering the internal network. I would ...c3121.10.2004 09:291 Кб2416imported
new! User maximum limit reach Hello, We use the version 2.99 of Eserv as email server only. But, as we have actually reached the limit of 1000 users, we would like to know whether there is a solution to exceed this limit, or ...AGF107.04.2004 20:561 Кб3436imported
new! Problem with Access Rights Hi! I am testing eServ Proxy in a small office . I think it's a great software, but I found some problems while tunning it... I'd like to give access rigths to some web sites to 2 users groups ...ErickBlanco130.03.2004 12:121 Кб3765imported
new! socks proxy settings I think I have done all that is required to enable my socks proxy but it still seems not to be operating. Everything else on the server is 100% operational. could there be anything I am forgetting...cimsys019.03.2004 15:561 Кб3909imported
new! scheduler to stop tasks Does anybody know if scheduler can be used both to start and stop a service? I'm thinking about starting at 13:00 and stopping at 15:00 the smtp delivery, for instance. Thank you for your help. ...mmartin115.03.2004 18:221 Кб3373imported
new! Tossing of the Bcc mails into the user's inbox Hi guys, Happy New Year (seeing mine is the first post this year). Here's my problem: I recieved a mail Bcc'ed to me. The sender had put both my email addresses in the Bcc of the mail say s_m...s_miles214.03.2004 19:203 Кб3446imported
new! saving a stream (mms) with eserv2 as the cache Can soemone explain to me step by step how I might be able to save a streaming mms asf/wmv file with eserv via windows media player, I heard it can be done as some kind of cache proxy server, with se...mmjulian109.12.2003 21:341 Кб3734imported
new! SMTP Forwarding system Hi, I have many domains at this site and many email forwarding lists on my eserv server both to internal and external addresses. In an email header there is a Return-Path value. Now when normal e...wayne_221.11.2003 17:211 Кб3485imported
new! Too many recipients Hello, I have got a mailing list in Eserv containing some 50-60 emailaddresses, I send mails to this mailing list once in 1 or 2 months, but all of a sudden yesterday, some of recipients mentione...s_miles112.11.2003 10:381 Кб4378imported
new! Streaming Media not coming through Does anyone know if Eserv prevents streaming media and if so, is there a way to unblock it? Thanks. ...j9013dlr102.10.2003 20:371 Кб3376imported
new! Update from eserv 2.16 to 2.99 (how to keep settings) Hello, We are using Eserv 2.16 as a mail server only. We now have about 800 users. Because Eserv 2.16 do not work very well with so many users, we are about to install Eserv 2.99. So I would li...AGF326.09.2003 18:481 Кб3713imported
new! Mail sent to more then one person gets sent 3 times each Hello, When we put more then one personn on the "TO:" or "CC:" field, people get that mail in multiple copies. For example: TO: jane@email.com;jack@email.com They wil get the mail 3 times ea...oj2000315.09.2003 18:581 Кб3280imported
new! Using RAS to send email I have set up an intranet (alias@mycompany.com) and want to be able to use Outlook to compose a message which gets stored in the "out box" of Outlook so when a remote computer connects via RAS the ma...mirajewel031.07.2003 13:181 Кб3490imported
new! after some time pages/images are not resolved... Hi, my problem is somewhat hard to explain. I use ESERV on my local server (home network, runing windows 98). After reboot, connecting to the internet, bringing up my firewall and starting ESERV ever...edgarhildering523.07.2003 10:051 Кб2176imported
new! Retrieving several individual external mailboxes :?: We have about 25 users, each using an external email service (separate accounts). Each mailbox is completely separate form the others. Can eserv retrieve each external mailbox and put each ma...c3121.07.2003 17:191 Кб3257imported
new! remote access to eserv to read my accumulated mail elsewhere Hi, i want to set up my win98 machine - which runs Eserv - as a dialin server so that i can remotely access the mail that has been gathered by Eserv. I don't know how to set up my win 98 machine as a...edgarhildering118.07.2003 09:481 Кб2932imported
new! URGENT: Multiple downloading of mails Dear Friends, I have got a strange problem, when my mail client is trying to download the mails from Eserv, it downloads not only the new mails but also the older ones as well, so every time I dow...s_miles108.07.2003 15:241 Кб3081imported
new! Pop command line faulty? Hi, I am wondering if I did something wrong in my pop commande line, because my ISP keeps sending me notices of low Pop Quota space. I have the -d in command line, but maybe not at the right plac...oj2000119.06.2003 09:481 Кб1855imported
new! Pop and smtp stopped responding while everything else works Hi, Since thursday or friday, We can't seem to log on to the popserver or send anything to our eserv. Eveverthing else, web, proxy, works just fine. I tried to look around, but I am currently ...oj2000716.06.2003 21:051 Кб3476imported
new! help on understanding pop3toss.cfg and pop3rules extensions Hi, I studied the files pop3toss.cfg and the pop3rules extensions in the hope to understand how it works, but it is not at all clear to me... can someone point me in the right direction where to read...edgarhildering026.05.2003 18:341 Кб2682imported
new! Java Runtime Hello, I am interested in whether or not the Java Servlet Engine can run on the Eserv 2.99. We are interested in a Chat Server that requires Java 2 for servlets. Thanks again, JBumatai ...geakazoid019.05.2003 08:381 Кб2944imported
new! POP3 and SMTP to ISP failing Hi, I have an installation of ESERV2 2.97 build 3114 on Windows 2000 pro that has been live for about 10 months. It has behaved exceptionally until today - it stopped smtpsend and pop3 receive fr...dnb210.04.2003 17:111 Кб3082imported
new! SMTP forwarding (SPAM) Hi, The way I use Eserv for email is as follows. My email@address.com is forwarded directly to my Eserv server from outside so no retrieving pop3 email! (Fine) Internal email is sent to Eserv and ...wayne_407.03.2003 14:461 Кб3354imported
new! eserv and offline browsing Hi ! Why cached files cannot be accessed thru the browser IE 5.50 when disconnected ? (Ie cache setting : never check for newer version) Eserv cache mode = minimum traffic If i connect the files a...wampyr32307.03.2003 10:441 Кб3044imported
new! troubles getting filenames with spaces via webserver Hi, I have set up a web server so that I can access my files when I am outside my home. However, when trying to retrieve a file like "my test.doc" I cannot reach it. The request is transforme...edgarhildering419.02.2003 23:241 Кб2950imported
new! acSMTP Hello, I tried to install the acSMTP however I cannot de-compress rar. Will the acSMTP and POP replace the current smtp.exe and pop.exe? Thanks, J. Bumatai ...geakazoid113.02.2003 11:201 Кб3058imported
new! Hotmail mail retrieval with outlook and other isp Hello all, I'm having a bit of trouble to setup my eserv to allow people to go fetch their hotmail with outlook express 6. Here is the message that is given: Error on socket 12019, error numb...oj2000629.01.2003 16:411 Кб4000imported
new! Intranet to Internet Hello, I just registered Eserv2.8 version and had been using it on trial prior. I had alread set up the Web Proxy and and FTP Gate Proxy Server. So, our small LAN has been able to get onto the net...geakazoid2001.01.2003 02:411 Кб3941imported
new! Eserv as a service in W2K I've installed Eserv on Win2000 Adv Server. On first installation, it installed as a service. I wasn't sure of some things, though, and wanted to uninstall it. Couldn't find a way to do that so ...Cookiebuddy315.12.2002 16:441 Кб4087imported
new! smtp not sending Hello, Again, I am having problems sending email from Eserv to the ISP. Is the following correct? agents\smtpsend3 -dw -z -to 10 -r 1 -sm %Server% -u %Login% %Password% -o temp\%TempFile%.smt...geakazoid102.12.2002 13:011 Кб2929imported
new! Mandrake Linux Client geakazoid102.12.2002 13:001 Кб2934imported
new! Threaded Mailing List Dear Eserv fans, I have been fiddling around with the mailing lists in Eserv. Tried this: mailinglist1.txt contains externaluser1@ext_domain.com internaluser1@local_domain.com mailinglis...s_miles326.11.2002 08:521 Кб3030imported
new! Mail List and Robot Script Hello Again, I have a Mail List MusicalWords.txt and I know the other mail list I set for the LAN works, but, how do I set up the automation with SUBSCRIBE and UNSUBSCRIBE? Thanks aga...geakazoid1012.11.2002 14:581 Кб3233imported
new! SMTPsend not sending Hello again, I have kept having an issue with smtpsend not sending. I have tried the various combinations of the Cmdline. This is the one that I have at this time: agents\smtpsend 3 -dw -z -ln ...geakazoid112.11.2002 14:011 Кб2878imported
new! e-mail worms? AC, We are getting replication from within our eserv2 server. It comes from within the spooler system and we were wondering if it was an e-mail worm. We have run virus scans and found that the ser...wfbonner330.10.2002 22:091 Кб1883imported
new! sendsmtp duplicates Hello again, The sendsmtp start duplicates that do not exit. I have to delete the running processes. This is my current Cmdline: agents\smtpsend -dw -b --ln 1000 -to 10 -r 3 -s %Server% -u ...geakazoid130.10.2002 10:121 Кб2823imported
new! Upgrade Eserv Hello, I just noticed that there is an upgrade 2.99. I have 2.98, can I install the 2.99 over the 2.98? Thanks, JB ...geakazoid125.10.2002 09:541 Кб6569imported
new! Unable to Login to email server I have an erorr message about that states the server responded with the following: mail\loop\angel@knight-industries.com!POP3!9279075!5 When I looked at the mail\loop with dos, there are hundre...geakazoid418.10.2002 09:361 Кб3034imported
new! Dr. Web Anti-virus I just noticed that there is a folder called Anti-virus and in it is a program called Dr. Web with .vdb files. Is this an add-on to Exerv 2.98? I updated it and noticed that it was disabled. I have b...geakazoid118.10.2002 09:301 Кб2681imported
new! user rights to only one web site? Hello all, I would like to know if there is a way to limit some users to only one website on the WWW. Any help would be appreciated, I tried installing in objects, for example: www.msn.com a...oj2000002.10.2002 23:311 Кб1801imported
new! SMTP Log Hello, I have looked for the SMTP Log but I have not found it. What does it mean when there is no SMTP Log? Thanks agian, JB ...geakazoid029.09.2002 22:011 Кб2737imported
new! Password Protect Folder Hello Again, I need to Password Protect a Folder for HTTP member access. Thnx, JB ...geakazoid117.09.2002 09:161 Кб6528imported
new! FTP Folder Hello Again, I would like to create an FTP Folder that has a password for the Users who will up/download file there. How do I set a new folder, for FTP, the users for the permission to FTP to the ...geakazoid311.09.2002 10:151 Кб3257imported
new! Objects good name usage oj2000110.09.2002 19:201 Кб2899imported
new! Smtp relaying denied since this morning? oj2000130.08.2002 18:462 Кб1654imported
new! Retrieving email for the Eserv LAN Hello Again, I need to set up retrieving emails for the LAN via our ISP. It needs to retrieve the email, leave it on the mail server, deliver to the machines on the LAN, then delete the email. ...geakazoid822.08.2002 17:131 Кб3362imported
new! DNS Problem Hi, I seem to have a problem with DNS. I have the eserv software setup to forward UDP port 53 packets to my DNS server which happens to be my router which then forwards them on proberbly. When I re...wayne_112.08.2002 13:181 Кб2774imported
new! smtpsend crashes... Every couple of days when I check up on our email server, I notice that smtpsend.exe has crashed and caused an invalid page fault in either riched32.dll or kernel32.dll. I'm using Eserv 2.97 build 3...David208.08.2002 11:312 Кб2464imported
new! Sending email from Eserv Lan to ISP Hello Again, Ok, our LAN needs to be able to be a server for outgoing emails from our local machines. I set an Alias for the uses in our group. They can send emails from there machines but the e...geakazoid326.07.2002 10:241 Кб3013imported
new! Dear Ac, s_mile022.07.2002 14:561 Кб2833imported
new! Schedule Task I have a TASK/POP3RECV : agents\pop3recv.exe -uidl -o temp\%TempFile%.eml -s %Server% -u %Login% -w %Password% &agents\Erobot.exe -c agents\pop3toss.cfg -o temp\%TempFile%.toss -i temp\%PrevTe...geakazoid313.06.2002 10:221 Кб2780imported
new! Open Proxy and IRC Hello, I worked the issue of the browser being slowed down on Eserv Proxy. Apparently, I had some issues with my AccessRights/AllowSettings where I needed to set up access 10.0.0.x and I also set 0....geakazoid612.06.2002 22:281 Кб5148imported
new! Logs geakazoid110.06.2002 11:401 Кб2813imported
new! CGI-BIN scripts I have installed ActivePerl on my server to get some Perl scripts to work. I can test the scripts on the command line thus : 'perl example.pl' and it works well. However when I use the URL 'server:31...AndyE707.06.2002 11:471 Кб8373imported
new! FTP to HTTP Hello again, I have been able to FTP to the /FTProot since I set up the trial version. Now, I am trying to figure how a remote user can log onto a virutal web page and FTP to their webroot. Can...geakazoid307.06.2002 11:221 Кб3053imported
new! Email List Is the Email List an email list server? I mean is it for a group email that is regularly sent and recieved? JB ...geakazoid106.06.2002 08:431 Кб2718imported
new! English Manual Hello, I have the Eserv2.8. I have read the Docs yet I am wondering if there is anything I am missing in the Help Manual. Since it is not in Enlgish, I am not sure what I am missing. Also, I am...geakazoid105.06.2002 12:331 Кб2943imported
new! Telnet/Ping External ip address After the overwhelming response to my last question, I thought I would try again for some help ! Ok....If I connect to the ISP from the server and type "telnet extern_ip port" I get a reply. From th...ttulip330.05.2002 19:071 Кб2524imported
new! pop3recv / smtpsend not working ?!? Ok, I came in this morning and Eserv was not running. It would not re-start until I rebooted the machine (running win98). After this, the pop3recv and smtpsend tasks are not retrieving / sending th...David117.05.2002 21:271 Кб1749imported
new! Outlook clients and "out of office" replys Hi All, We currently have 8 users on a lan using Eserv (on NT4 server) - I really want to keep using Eserv but am being pressured into looking at Exchange Server due to it's "out of office" reply...ttulip001.05.2002 14:241 Кб2908imported
new! Problem with outgoing mail SMTP :cry: :oops: I have lost the Eserv-->scheduler --> SMTPSEND --> commandline setting. I can't send out e-mails. Big problem. Please give me SMTPSEND --> commandline setting (simp...abaid029.04.2002 09:441 Кб2664imported
new! Mailing List Setup Hi all, I'm trying to setup a mailing list, and not sure what is supposed to be done with the options. I build a file with different e-mails, one per line, using normal rules in username. After...oj2000520.04.2002 01:281 Кб2905imported
new! POP3 Receive Timouts??? Are there timeouts (perhaps configurable) for POP3. I have seen an instance when large messages seemed to cause the POP3 receive to fail and whilst many messages were downloaded none were deleted. ...dnb111.04.2002 09:161 Кб1676imported
new! Tasks Programming E-mail fetching Hi everyone, I would need help with programming my tasks command line. I tried using the help with -h and using different ways, but I don't seem to grasp the right way to do it. Ex: Smtpsend -s ...oj2000418.03.2002 17:381 Кб6488imported
new! Windows XP Update doesn't wokr I've just added a Windows XP Pro machine to our network, connected to the internet via a machine using Eserv/2.97 HTTP & FTP & POP & SMTP all work fine. But I can't get Windows Upda...Anonymous222.01.2002 00:591 Кб2823imported
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