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I have installed ActivePerl on my server to get some Perl scripts to work. I can test the scripts on the command line thus : 'perl example.pl' and it works well. However when I use the URL 'server:3128/cgi-bin/example.pl' I just get a listing of the Perl script.
The ScriptHandlers for .pl and .cgi are set to Perl.exe. It makes no difference if I put in an explicit path (E:\perl\bin\perl.exe) for these parameters. The Access rights for the cgi-bin folder are — AllUsers 1
Any ideas anyone

Regards Andy E.

PS Windows NT SP5 with 512 MB RAM
Комментарии к этой версии (19.03.2002 17:20) [~AndyE] dddd667b
ac28.03.2002 23:50
If this problem still not solved, please mail your Eserv.ini and http.log to support@eserv.ru.
AndyE09.04.2002 11:00
I've solved this problem — I did not know that you had to restart Eserv when you change any of the parameters in the Script Handlers section.
However, now I have these scripts running, it has revealed another problem
My server is called Titan, therefore my Webserver is Titan:3128
I am running a script from BrownBear software (Calcium — a calendering script). This script is not running very well as it appears the server is calling itself Titan:3128 rather than just Titan. This is causing the script to call pages http://Titan:3128:3128/cgi-bin/... and creating problems.
Is there any workaround for this
Regards Andy E.
ac09.04.2002 22:27
I've sent the Eserv.exe build 3257 to your Email to solve the problem with SERVER_NAME CGI environment variable. Please try it.
AndyE10.04.2002 11:28
I think you may have my old email

My new one is aed01@churchdown.gloucs.sch.uk

Thanks Andy E.
ac10.04.2002 22:19
Yes, the message was returned:
Your message to andye@churchdown.gloucs.sch.uk has not been delivered.
This is because there is no known user with this email address.

I've resent it to the new email.
geakazoid06.06.2002 23:33
I have some old Perl Scripts that are simple and I am considering not re-using them. I have been seeing Python and PHP for a few years coming into fashion. Yet, I also began learning forth last summer for programming. I am inlcined to use forth script of some kind. What is the easiest to use at this time? And will there be some samples of forth scripts for the CGI Bin at some time?

pig07.06.2002 11:47
Because Eserv is written using Forth, you can design your own plugins for Eserv and call them via HTML scripts as it realized in admin web interface. Try to find more at www.eserv.ru, docs.eserv.ru, sf.net... sorry, I don't remember the URL of site about SP-Forth by Andrey Cherezov.
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