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Hi everyone, I would need help with programming my tasks command line. I tried using the help with -h and using different ways, but I don't seem to grasp the right way to do it.

Ex: Smtpsend -s mail.server.com -u user -w passw

or pop3recv -s mail.server.com -u user -w passw

WIth the pop command, I get to see the mails on the server, but I fail to see how to download them to the machine, so Eserv can send on internal e-mail system.

Could someone please help me?
I woudl grealty appreciate it,
Eserv is really a good program, and I defenitly would like to learn and use it better.

Thank you in advance
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pig15.03.2002 11:37
To get help on agent application, run it without any command line parameters.

To get mail messages from POP3 server, use also -o option (see default POP3RECV scheduler task command line).
oj200015.03.2002 17:25
Hello, When I make a new POP3RECV task, in the command line i get

agents\purger.exe -r -s 10000 http:\*.*
That is what I get when I create any tasks. I saw in the manual they refer to the command line, saying I only need to change the server, user and password, but I never did find that particular line. I'm starting to think I might have forgotten to do something when I installed?

Thank you for taking the time to answer,

pig15.03.2002 18:04
This is "default value" for any new task.

Move conf\Eserv.ini to the safe location, delete registry key HKLM\Software\Etype\Eserv and run Eserv wth it's default settings. In the Scheduler section you'll see a default POP3RECV task with the valid command line.
oj200018.03.2002 17:38
It worked really good! Thank you very much!

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