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I am using Eserv 2.99 now, and I want to know how to block spam according their email address , domain name, subject even content?

Thanks a lot in advance.
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pig18.03.2004 11:28
You can use black and white lists affect on sender address. These lists are plain text files reside in Eserv mail directory. Black lists are named spammers* (spammers.txt, spammers.com.txt etc), white lists are named friends* (friends.txt, friends.hotmail.com.txt etc). They contain e-mail addresses, one address per line. You can use wildcards in spammers*. If sender address not found in friends* and matches any template found in spammers*, the mail message is moved to the mail\loop folder (if it is already downloaded from external POP3 mailbox) or does not accepted (if comes via SMTP).

In order to analize mail content you need some external utility. For example, POPfile — see http://popfile.sourceforge.net/

P.S. Examples of lists: spammers.txt:
*@crucialoffers.* *@emirates.net.ae *@devil.servak.biz *@send-flowers-delivery.biz *@tut.by *@overdramatizesl.cc *@usamailbox.cc *@bluemail.ch *@postino.ch *@address.com.cn *@chinaotsuka.com.cn *@peoplemail.com.cn *@btamail.net.cn *@mark.com.cn *@163.com *@20fngjng.com *@21cn.com *@21newline.com *@2prudential.com *@3iintl.com *@aa.com *@smtp1.admanmail.com *@hotmail.com

my.friend@hotmail.com ac@eserv.ru pig.gy@mail.ru
livelybear19.03.2004 10:44
, Thanks a lot, Mr. pig. I'll try it.
Dandy19.03.2004 13:32
To Use PopFile (it's better way to block spam) u need the programm like a MContent.

PopFile will mark the mail wit signature like X-Text-Classification. For filtration u will need to use mcontent.
livelybear30.12.2004 06:08
Sometimes, I need block some ADSL ip address,

how can i?
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