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I am wondering if I did something wrong in my pop commande line, because my ISP keeps sending me notices of low Pop Quota space. I have the -d in command line, but maybe not at the right place

Here is the command line:

agents\pop3recv.exe -d -o temp\%TempFile%.eml -s %Server% -u %Login% -w %Password% &agents\Erobot.exe -c agents\pop3toss.cfg -o temp\%TempFile%.toss -i temp\%PrevTempFile%.eml

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
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pig19.06.2003 09:48
Command line seems to be right. Please check interior of the EML files to see whether the ISP POP3 server really deletes messages or not and whether the POP3 session is closed gracefully (via QUIT command).

Probably, your mailbox is simply too small to accumulate current mail traffic?
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