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Ok, I came in this morning and Eserv was not running. It would not re-start until I rebooted the machine (running win98). After this, the pop3recv and smtpsend tasks are not retrieving / sending the emails. The tasks are running as scheduled, but the emails are not being sent. It was all working fine before. Please help with this one we are depending on this system and I can't think of anything else to try. Thank You.
I'm running Eserv 2.97 Build 3114
Комментарии к этой версии (15.05.2002 21:00) [~David] 78ce24e0
David17.05.2002 21:27
I just needed to schedule the temp purger... All fixed!
Работает на Eserv/5.05567 (10.02.2020)