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Hello again,

I have been able to FTP to the FTProot since I set up the trial version. Now, I am trying to figure how a remote user can log onto a virutal web page and FTP to their webroot.

Can they log in from outside the LAN?

I also do not know where their, the virutal webroot, would be placed. Is it inside the /webroot/vitual/webroot ?

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pig06.06.2002 08:50
  1. Include necessary directory into the list of Virtual FTP Folders and set appropriate permissions on that directory.
  2. Check AllowConnectionsFromAddresses to allow specified outside LAN to access your Eserv.
geakazoid06.06.2002 23:30
I see I can place the virtual folder in the eserv root or within another directory folder. Is there any security issues with the placement of the virutal folder? Should it be inside the Eserv directory, nested, or in another drive directory of its own?

pig07.06.2002 11:22
There are no special issues. Place directory as you like.
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