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Hello Again,

Ok, our LAN needs to be able to be a server for outgoing emails from our local machines. I set an Alias for the uses in our group.
They can send emails from there machines but the emails go to the LAN and we can only send them within the LAN not outside to the ISP.

We need to Alias' to be changed to the real names that they use on the net such alias@ourserver to realname@mail.server.com

I set up the Tasks as follows:

agents\smtpsend -s %Server% -o temp\%TempFile%.smtp -z 3

What else do I need to do? And is there anything wrong with this so far?

Thanks again,
Комментарии к этой версии (25.07.2002 01:52) [~geakazoid] e6803217
pig25.07.2002 10:22
No aliases not applied to the From: address. You must to set up correct address in the mail client settings.

P.S. And what does the parameter 3 in the command line means? I think it's wrong, you need to delete it.
geakazoid26.07.2002 05:19
Ok, the dolfina domains are on an remote ISP that we are porting the the Eserver. At this time, we working on the email server to access our email from the ISP server.

These are the current settings:

POP3RECV agents\pop3recv.exe -o temp\%TempFile%.eml -s %Server% -u %Login% -w %Password% &agents\Erobot.exe -c agents\pop3toss.cfg -o temp\%TempFile%.toss -i temp\%PrevTempFile%.eml

SMTPSEND agents\smtpsend --to 10 -s %Server% -u %Login% -pop %Password% -o temp\%TempFile%.smtp

EROBOT agents\erobot -c agents\pop3toss.cfg -o temp\log.file

I am not sure that I need the EROBOT. It is also spawning several process versions of itself. So, I have to manually teminate them.

I set the Alias az azedia@dolfina.org to test using the example of using e2 eserv2@cherezov.koenig.su for a remote server. I had thought that the az would be translated then sent to the smtpsend to the remote ISP Mail Server. I was checking by logging back onto the ISP Mail Server. A few times I did receive the email but could not repeat it. I tested several transmission sessions. the Local Domain Aliases work on the Eserver.

Can you tell what I am doing wrong?

Thanks again,
pig26.07.2002 10:24
Where you got the EROBOT task? You don't need that.

Aliases are used for immediate readdresing of the incoming mail, they can't be used for spoofing of sender address. (Eserv always pass e-mail message "as is" and never changes any attribute. Only mailing list sends messages from forwardsystem@domain.) Set up correct sender address in your mail client.
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