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I seem to have a problem with DNS. I have the eserv software setup to forward UDP port 53 packets to my DNS server which happens to be my router which then forwards them on proberbly.
When I restart the eserv software I can occasionaly get 1 nslookup to work from a client machine if I am lucky. The clients are setup to use the proxy as the DNS server. Otherwise nslookup does not work at all. I get
DNS request timed out. timeout was 2 seconds.

I have tried extending the timeout but it still fails. Looking at eserv it looks like the UDP connection is made for the first nslookup but doesnt clear and so no more can be made. Web works fine except for a little delay in resolving URLs!
Has anyone else had a problem ?
Or is there a bug in the software. I have just ordered it by the way!

The setup I have is 25+ clients Intranet, 1 Eserv Server connected via ADSL with static IP address (2x lans)

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Verify that nslookup asks the Eserv instead of any other host.
Check UDPMAP log file.

Or, you can set up your own DNS server in cache mode and eliminate UDP mapping. I have BIND installed and it works fine. One or two first requests for some addresses may fail with timeout but then my server gets necessary data from forwarders.
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