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I've just added a Windows XP Pro machine to our network, connected to the internet via a machine using Eserv/2.97

HTTP & FTP & POP & SMTP all work fine.

But I can't get Windows Update to work. It just comes back and says that there were no updates waiting.

Does anyone know how to configure either Eserv or Windows XP so this will work?

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ac21.01.2002 22:44
May be there are really no any updates available?

Windows uses http transport to check for updates, so if browser on this PC works OK — updates will be checked right too.

You can look into log\*http.log files after attempt to download updates — are there any error messages?
pig22.01.2002 00:59
According to news reports, there were problems with Microsoft Windows Update network server software. Nowadays, (they say) all work properly.
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