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I have many domains at this site and many email forwarding lists on my eserv server both to internal and external addresses.

In an email header there is a Return-Path value. Now when normal emails are sent this is set to the Reply address BUT when sending email through a list this is set to the Local Domain setting which is at the top of the list!

For example it would show:-
Return-Path: <forwardsystem@zzz.co.uk>

As I have several domains, I am having to use a non specific one (Does not really exist) which starts with a letter to make it top of the list so that the headers don't contain domain info which it shouldn't.
Do you see what I mean ?

Anyway, I am worried that due to anti spamming techniques becoming evermore important I may in the future not be able to use lists because of this.

Any help would be appreciated.

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pig21.11.2003 16:45
By default, Eserv doesn't insert any fields in mail messages except the standard "Received:" header. Probably, this field is generated by the next-in-chain mail server using generic MAIL FROM address thst Eserv produces when passing messages through the mailing list. The form of this address is "forwardsystem@top.local.domain.in.list".

To reorder your local domain lists:
  1. Create a file named noreg in Eserv installation directory.
  2. Manually edit configuration file conf\Eserv.ini: in the Domains: section, move your preferred (really existing) domain to the bottom position in list.
After restarting, Eserv will get properly ordered local domain list.

Also, you need to create an alias (or even a user) for "forwardsystem@" in order to collect automatic answers ftom mail servers.
wayne_21.11.2003 17:21
Thankyou for your help.
I am currently testing it and it seems to have done thr trick.

It is a shame the forwardsystem does not use the correct from address!

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