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Dear Eserv fans,

I have been fiddling around with the mailing lists in Eserv.

Tried this:

mailinglist1.txt contains externaluser1@ext_domain.com internaluser1@local_domain.com mailinglist2@local_domain.com

and my mailinglist2.txt contains internaluser2@local_domain.com internaluser3@local_domain.com externaluser2@ext_domain.com

and I tried to send a mail to mailinglist1@local_domain.com

What happens is the mail is sent to all the internal users and also the externaluser1 (specified in the mailing list1.txt) but not to externaluser2
(specified in the mailing list2.txt)

Could anyone please tell me where I am going wrong?

Thanks in advance

Комментарии к этой версии (13.11.2002 17:25) [~s_miles] 014fb789
geakazoid13.11.2002 20:28
Can you send an email to the externaluser2@localdomain.com by itself? Can you send and receive it? Make sure your smtpsend is correct on your Task Schedule Cmdline.

I have had this same problem.

pig13.11.2002 20:40
Unfortunately, Eserv doesn't support recursion in mailing lists. All addresses in the list are treated as final recepient addresses.
s_miles26.11.2002 08:52
OK, Thanks Guys ,

FYI, I am able to send an email to the externaluser2@local_domain.com and externaluser2@ext_domain.com by itself, and it sails by — no problems there in send or receiving the mails.

so long!

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