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After the overwhelming response to my last question, I thought I would try again for some help !
Ok....If I connect to the ISP from the server and type "telnet extern_ip port" I get a reply. From the clients I get nothing, not even an attempt to dial out, just a timeout (this is the same with ftp and ping I think). Does anyone have any ideas ? Thanks in advance.
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pig30.05.2002 15:40
You can't use Eserv as Ping and Telnet proxy. You can access specified host via telnet by mapping specified port of that host on Eserv (using TCPMAP) and onnecting to the mapped port on Eserv.
If you want to use ping or to get telnet access to a random host you need a NAT server.
ttulip30.05.2002 18:46
Thanks Pig.
If I want to connect via telnet to a specified address — (as shown in the original email) — is this possible ?
If so, how ?

pig30.05.2002 19:07
  1. Create a TCP mapped link in Eserv:
  2. TCPMAP: 9023 specified.host 23Notes:Port 23 is a standard port for telnet protocolYou may use any unused port instead of 9023
  1. Save configuration and restart Eserv
  1. Run telnet client and connect to the port 9023 of Eserv
Работает на Eserv/5.05567 (10.02.2020)