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Dear Friends,

I have got a strange problem, when my mail client is trying to download the mails from Eserv, it downloads not only the new mails but also the older ones as well, so every time I download my mails I get all my previous mails once again.

This has been going on for sometime now, first I thought it cld be because of the mail client ( I was using Netscape Messenger 4.7) so I installed and configured Outlook Express, but here also the same thing.

I have also tried reinstalling Eserv a few number of times but to no avail.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

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pig08.07.2003 15:24
It is not a good way to leave old messages in Eserv mailboxes. Unfortunately, Eserv cannot generate correct UIDLs for messages while they order in mailbox has been changed. Thus, mail client believes that there are new messages appear in the mailbox. The mailbox order may be changed because of accepting new messages while reading mailbox.
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