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I tried many ways to configure eserv 2.99 webmail but cannot get it to work. When I click on webmail and login, only three buttons show (delete, compose, change password). The mail in the mailbox does not show. If I click on DELETE button, then I can get a list of the messages in the mailbox, but cannot open or read them.

I was searching the forums with a translator and found message 1432 at http://forum.etype.net/viewtopic.php?t=1432&highlight=webmail this looks like the same problem, but i don't understand how to fix.

Using Windows 2000 on 200Mhz Pentium.

Any suggestions in being able to do simple webmail functions I think I successfully used webmail in previous versions of eserv.

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charlie22.09.2006 04:27
Webmail seemed to work ok in older previous versions of eserv.
Dandy22.09.2006 09:37
Yes, there are couple of flaws in Eserv's own webmail. Try alternative ones (Ilohamail for example)
charlie25.09.2006 21:17
I am currently running Eserv2.99 build 3508. I changed the Erobot.exe v1.92 to a version from a backup of Eserv2.91beta, Erobot.exe v1.8

    Now webmail works

Anyone know if there are any problems with running the old Erobot.exe v1.8 file with new Eserv2.99

Are newer Erobot files available? I noticed that previous versions of eserv have been removed from the etype.net download section and are not on the ftp server.
ac30.10.2006 18:11
ftp://ftp.eserv.ru/pub/beta/2.99/Eserv3516.zipnew Erobot.exe (1.93) and Eserv.exe (2.99 build 3516).
charlie30.10.2006 19:09
webmail works with new version eserv and erobot.

question: I use eserv to gather email from an ISP mail server. I still use the ISP's domain (isp.com) for my email addresses. Eserv is set to a dynamic dns name (ddns.com) on my server so it will deliver the isp.com mail to the outside world. Is there a way to get webmail to send using a return address of isp.com instead of ddns.com?

Thanks Andrea for the update.

ac30.10.2006 19:29
"Eserv2\wwwroot\webmail\sendmessage.cfg" : replace the line
P1 @ COUNT WriteToSpool
S" your_isp@com_email" WriteToSpool
Работает на Eserv/5.05567 (10.02.2020)