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Hello again,

The sendsmtp start duplicates that do not exit. I have to delete the running processes.

This is my current Cmdline:

agents\smtpsend -dw -b --ln 1000 -to 10 -r 3 -s %Server% -u %Login% -pop %Password% -o temp\%TempFile%.smtp

What do I need to change here?

Thanks again,
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pig30.10.2002 10:12
The -b option causes smtpsend to enter infinite loop of scanning mail\out folder and send detected messages out. You have either to remove thie option or to add -z option that prevents running of more than one copy of smtpsend.

Also, you have an error in the -pop option. If you're really need to use POP authentication before SMTP sending use the following format:
-pop %Server% %Login% %Password%
If you need to use SMTP authentication use -w option instead of -pop to indicate your password.
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