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I've installed Eserv on Win2000 Adv Server.

On first installation, it installed as a service. I wasn't sure of some things, though, and wanted to uninstall it. Couldn't find a way to do that so simply re-installed it.

The re-installed version seems to work ok (I figured out some problems I was causing myself) but now it only works as a console app. Says it can't install as a service.

Just want to verify that it won't install as a service.

Thx (& sorry if this question has already been asked & answered.
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pig14.12.2002 12:00
Try uninstall.bat and then install.bat in Eserv installation directory. These files were designed to simply uninstall and install Eserv as service without any manipulations with installation package.
Cookiebuddy14.12.2002 20:51
Pig wrote
Try uninstall.bat and then install.bat in Eserv installation directory.

Interesting. No bat files were included in the version I downloaded (which was E-serv16B65E.exe). Maybe I have an older version. Thx anyway.
pig15.12.2002 16:44
Wow! As it seems to me, it's Eserv 1.6! Yes, in these versions, service uninstaller is quite hidden . Run setup wizard (unfortunately, I forgot how it's named) and click Uninstall at the last screen.
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