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I am testing eServ Proxy in a small office . I think it's a great software, but I found some problems while tunning it...

I'd like to give access rigths to some web sites to 2 users groups and access to all Internet to another group...
Something like this:

group1 12
group2 12
AdminGroup 32

їIs this posible?
When I config eServ in this way, group1 and group2 are not able no load http://www.yahoo.com
їAny suggestion?

Thank you in advance.
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pig30.03.2004 12:12
  1. Create file called noreg in the folder where Eserv.exe resides
  2. Open conf\Eserv.ini in Notepad
  3. Find the Rights: section and reorder it's content like following:
  4. http:// AdminGroup 1 http://www.yahoo.com group1 1 group2 1
    Also, pay attention that Eserv checks the X-bit (1) for HTTP-proxy
  5. Save Eserv.ini and restart Eserv
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