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We are using Eserv 2.16 as a mail server only.
We now have about 800 users.
Because Eserv 2.16 do not work very well with so many users, we are about to install Eserv 2.99.
So I would like to know, how to migrate to version 2.99 in order to keep the currents settings and most important, the users already defined.

Thank you.

Комментарии к этой версии (26.09.2003 14:22) [~AGF] 29fd679f
pig26.09.2003 15:47
  1. Save conf\Eserv.ini file somewhere
  2. Also, save any HTML-files from wwwroot written or modified by yourself
  3. Also, save all mailing lists defined
  4. Install new version
  5. Create file named noreg in the folder where Eserv.exe resides
  6. Replace conf\Eserv.ini from saved copy
  7. Restore mailing lists if necessary
  8. Compare and restore HTML files if necessary
  9. Start Eserv and revise all settings
AGF26.09.2003 15:53
OK, with the noreg file the settings will not be saved in the registry at all ?
pig26.09.2003 18:48
With the noreg, settings will be retrieved from conf\Eserv.ini. While saving settings, they are stored both into INI and registry.
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